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Our Chandler Location will be serving Halal after March 8th 2023.


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Sat - Sun 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Chino-Mex Winner for BEST BIRRIA 2022

Fusion food

We are a newfound concept of food that serves Chinese and Tacos on ONE dish. Just like our fusion food, our family is a fusion of diverse cultures with roots from California, Michoacán and El Salvador. Our family favorite foods in one dish. Chino-Mex Satisfy los Munchies!

birria tacos

Chinese Food

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Halal Meats & Certificates

Benefits of eating Halal

Many people are not aware how Islam supports animal rights and believe in slaughtering an animal in a humane way, less cruel and barbaric than the normal slaughtering procedures. Islam deems it is immoral or unlawful (Haram) to mistreat any animal and therefore, animals must be kept under specified guidelines that must be followed such as not slaughtering by beating or strangling it. Islamic values are much more compassionate than battery farming.

Can non- Muslim consume Halal food?

It is a misconception that halal is only utilized by Muslims. Everyone can enjoy halal cuisine; halal simply means permissible by emphasizing animal welfare, safety, and hygienic practices and is primarily concerned with recognizing God in the rite of slaughter. This indicates that there is nothing that prevents advocates of other faiths from enjoying halal foods. Once individuals realize the standards involved with halal food certification USA, eating halal foods becomes appealing to non-Muslims as well.


Halal food certification does not seek to create social divisions. Instead, it is a way to let other groups also ‘Satisfy their Munchies’ without having to violate their religious principles. Halal certification services are not intended to be exclusionary, but where Muslim scan coexist peacefully with people of different religions without compromising their values.



Excellent food, freshly prepared and the portions are large. My husband tried the Quesabirria & it was delicious. I loved the orange chicken. The salsa bar rocks.


Great Birria tacos, they have beef and goat. Will return next time I'm in town. They are crispy and smoke. The soup was divine.


We were hesitant to try but we've ordered delivery (through Uber eats) twice and have really enjoyed it! The noodles, tacos, and Pina chicken are great!


The family decided to take a chance on this place tonight when we could not decide where to eat. Wow! Are we glad we did! Everything was excellent!


The birria tacos and ramen are amazing. The green juice and Chinese food is great too.

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